February 13, 2012

Book Review: Card Captor Sakura Vol.1 (Omnibus Edition)

The Deal: After stumbling into a strange book in her father's library, Sakura Kinomoto - a sporty, cute and girly fourth grader - met Kero-chan, the beast that guards the Clow Cards, and he needs her help getting them all back. 

The Clow Cards are magic devices, created long ago by a great wizard, they were supposed to be sealed, but at some point they escaped, and now it is up to Sakura to find them all. Without knowing, Sakura has always had some magical power - which enabled her to open card's book and awaken Kero - and she must  now use it to complete her mission.

Her only aid? Kero-chan (who looks like a cute, little plush lion) and her best friend Tomoyo, who enjoys designing outfits for Sakura and recording her adventures. Not so helpful? Sakura's big brother's Toya who always seems to be around when you least expect him. He's a fairly typical annoying older brother, but he has a good point in his favor: the fact that he's best friends with Yukito, Sakura's crush. 

Vol 1 is the first of a projected 4 volumes that will collect the whole saga. In Vol 1 we are introduced to Sakura and her friends and family, and to the cards. We also meet Sakura's rival, Shaoran Li. 

My Thoughts: I tried to give you a short rundown of the story of CCS, and I know I've talked about the anime before, so really I just wanted to talk about this particular edition of CCS, since I so love this story.

This particular edition is massive and beautiful, and I absolutely loved it. The paper is high quality and the translation is lovely - I own some of the volumes of the previous edition and the translation was a little spotty, I gotta say. It also has several full-color pages which is very nice. 

And I definitely think it's a good value purchase as this single volume covers 3 of the previous edition. 

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