December 5, 2011

Book Review: My Very UnFairy Tale Life by Anna Staniszewski

At First Sight: Jenny is an Adventurer, the person that goes about the magical kingdoms and helps them solve their problems. When she first started to adventure a few years ago, it sounded like loads of fun, but she now realizes that things rarely are what they seem.

Now her two former best friends seem to have forgotten her all together, her Aunt is more interested in animals than on her and she's tired of being chased by unicorns and having an unreliable gnome named Arthur for guide. And most of all, she's tired of doing what the Council tells her to do, just because.

Plus, her latest mission - that of freeing Prince Lamb of Speak! - goes plenty awry, causing her to get into a big, big jam. And to question who in her life has ever told her the truth about anything.

Second Glance: I'm going to start by saying that My UnFairy Tale Life is a cute book, but that it's also a bit young. I liked it, it was cute and I had fun reading it but at the same time I felt both characters and story was a bit underdeveloped.

I don't think I would have minded if I was 9 years old or something, but at the same time I kind of hoped there was more to the story than it was. All in all, I liked Jenny, I thought she was a great character and she felt and acted her age.

Everyone else around her, though, was a bit one dimensional.

Bottom Line: A cute story for a younger audience, it was definitely fun but older readers might not get as much out of it as a younger one might.

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