September 5, 2011

MiniReview: Gate 7 (Vol 1) by CLAMP

Gate 7
The Deal: Chikahito was just visiting Kyoto for fun when he was dragged into a strange world where he meets two handsome men - Sakura and Tachibana - and a girl named Hanna

These people are just sitting on the trees around a temple, and when they notice Chikahito, they attack him. But when their magic does nothing to Chikahito, they take him in. 

Next thing he knows, he's waking up and they are feeding him and things are just strange. The guys don't seem to like him, but Hanna does, and that changes his life forever. 

My Thoughts: I'm not exactly sure what to say about  Gate 7 as this is just the first chapter of the manga series and things aren't very clear just yet. 

The artwork is lovely, and you can tell is a CLAM job - they have a particular style that I enjoy a lot (obviously, as I've been a CLAMP fan girls since I was 13). The story, as I said, it was a bit confusing as the board is being set for whatever is going to happen next. 

I'm not rating it because it was really little to go on, but I have to say that it is intriguing and I do want to read more and find out what's going on with these characters. 


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