June 1, 2011

Mini Book Review: Between by Cyndi Tefft

I do love this cover
The Deal: College freshman Lindsey Waters was at the end of a slightly awkward date when a car crash landed her in the place between Heaven and Earth, and in the company of Aidan MacRae, a Scotsman who has been taking souls up to Heaven for the last 300 years. 

Only that he has never been to heaven himself, but once he was told that when he found the right woman, her love would redeem him and he could be able to join her in heaven.

Without really meaning to, in the time they spend together, Lindsey and Aidan tell each other about their lives and fall in love. 

But they are in the place between, where things are hardly permanent...

My Thoughts: On the barest therms, Between is a love story between a grim reaper - sort of - and the girl he's supposed to take up to heaven, only that they start hanging out together and fall in love. It's very simple and I really liked it for it.

The characters were nice, I particularly liked Aidan since he is kind of 'sunny' and sweet, and he's Scottish which I found adorable. Lyndsey started a little distant, in my opinion, but I really liked her when she was with Aidan, they made a good couple.

Over all, I liked this story and it was a very quick read for me, but I did have a couple of hang ups with it: sometimes I felt it dragged a little, and I did think there was a little too much religion woven into it. But, other than that, it was an enjoyable story, and a nice paranormal story at that.

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