November 27, 2010

Athena the Brain by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

GG1Athena never knew who her parents were, and she was relatively happy living with her best friend Pallas on Earth, but she never quite felt like she fit in. Great was her surprise when a scroll arrived, summoning her to Mount Olympus Academy, to take her place with the other goddessgirls and godboys, as she is the daughter of Zeus.

Athena isn't sure if she wants to leave Pallas, but it's not as if Zeus is giving her much choice. Plus she hopes that, maybe, at MOA she'll finally fit in.

But MOA is and isn't what she expected. In many ways, it's a school like any other: there are nice girls - goddessgirls - like Aphrodite, Artemis and Persephone; and there are mean girls like Medusa and her sisters... and there is a cute, slightly conceited guy. On the other hand, they take classes like Hero-logy which is taught by a cyclops...

I had heard sweet things about this series and I do love all things Greek Myths, so I was happy when I got Athena the Brain. And I found it to be a sweet, short book. I like the idea of seeing these Goddesses as girls, with all their usual traits but with a sweet treatment. And Athena's story was good to kick off the series, as we get to known MOA and the other characters through her eyes as she meets them. I loved all the little references to well-known myths.

Now I wanna read the next one in the series.

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