October 23, 2010

Anime Addiction: Ouran High School Host Club

OuranOuran is an exclusive school, it's students defined by two things: wealth and family prestige. In this fancy school, six very different guys got together to form the Host Club - and after school club dedicated to throw lavish tea parties and play host to the girls of their school.

The members are: the twins Hikaru and Kaoru (who like to play the twincest card), Honey-sempai (who plays the cute for all he's worth and loves bunnies) and his cousin and 'guardian' Mori-sempai (the silent type who spents most of his time looking fater Honey), and then there is Kyoya (the shadow king and co-founder of the club) and Tamaki (co-founder of the club and all around adorable idiot).

On a random day, Haruhi was walking around Ouran when she stumbled across the club. She's a rarity at Ouran because she's an scholarship student, having none of the money or family prestige as the rest of their classmates, and it certainly wasn't in her plans to tangle with the host club but it couldn't be helped

Haruhi expected them to be annoying, and she didn't quite see the point of such a club but she couldn't help it and, just like the other hosts, was drawn to the amazingly crazy but never dull world of Tamaki.

So begins Ouran High School Host Club, a story where friendship and love triumph over everything. Plus, it's very funny!
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Kyo TamakiRe: Manga
I confess that I saw the anime before I cared to read the manga, but once I did, well, I started to follow month to month.

Just last month, Ouran High School Host Club's manga ended and it was amazing. The basic plot is the same as with the anime, but throughout the story certain differences start to show up. The Manga spanned over 83 chapters and it explained in greater detain the lives and trials of the members of the club.

Kyoya and Tamaki with their twisted family affairs, Kaoru and Hikaru and their need to be their own persons and yet remain twins. Honey and Mori following their independent paths. And Haruhi actually growing as a person and following her dreams.

It was one of the best endings ever! Of course I'm not going to spoil it in case someone hasn't read it, but it was… amazing. For me it was the prefect ending, full of hope and promise and just enough resolution.

Ps- have found Kyoya's name spelled both like that ans as Kyouya, not sure which one is right. Sorry if I used to wrong spelling!

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