August 25, 2010

At the Movies: She's the Man

Seems like yesterday that summer started! But now it's drawing to an end, and to celebrate the Back To School season I bring you my favorite Back to School Movies!! Starting with:

She's the manLoosely based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, She's the Man tells the story of Viola (Amanda Bynes) who's crushed and angry after she finds out that her school has cut the girl's soccer team and that she won't be allowed to play in the boys' team either.

Taking advantage of the fact that her twin brother Sebastian is skipping town for a few weeks, Viola decides to take Sebastian's place at Ilyria, the school Sebastian is supposed to attend. Sure, she has to pretend to be a boy but that shouldn't be much trouble, right? Except that Viola ends up sharing a room with Duke Orsino (Channing Tatum), the soccer team's captain. Duke happens to like popular girl Olivia but Olivia soon starts falling in love with Viola-as-Sebastian, while Sebastian's girlfriend Monique keeps breathing down Viola's back.

It's all a twisty tangle, but so much fun to watch!
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  1. You are right. Ihis movie rocks cross dressing/soccer/cute's super cool

  2. I love this movie. It's so cute and fun. :)

  3. I liked this, too, it was super cute!


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