May 3, 2010

At the Movies: How to Train Your Dragon

DragonHiccup is a teenage boy growing up in a viking village, and he happens to be the one that doesn't quite fit in, even though he's the chief's son. Everyone - even his own father - sees him as a clumsy boy that often does more harm than good when he tries to help.

Now, Hiccup's village has a pesky, pesky problem: Dragons. Everyone has a pretty much anti-Dragon mentality in the village, but when Hiccup actually manages to knock down an elusive kind of dragon, his mentality changes.

Keeping his dragon secret, Hiccup finally makes a friend, and realizes what wonderful creatures they are, and he finally finds the courage to give everything of himself when his Dragon-friend and other loved ones are put at risk.

How to Train Your Dragon, is a lovely story about the desire to belong and the need to stay true to yourself. Further more is full of humor and the best kind of movie magic. Smart, snappy and sweet, this movie is delightful and my favorite movie of the year, so far.
Personal Favorite


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