April 20, 2010

Something About You by Julie James

Something About You
When Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde decided to stay overnight at The Peninsula, she was hoping for a nice, relaxing stay at a fancy hotel but what she got was half the night of hearing the couple in the next room having sex and then unsuspectingly witnessing a murder (kind of).

Since the sex-marathon/murder involves an US Senator, the FBI took notice of the case, and just like that Cameron found Jack Pallas - the Special Agent that blames her for having him transfered out of Chicago three years ago - back into her life. Angry but Oh-so-handsome Jack who's too good looking for Cam's peace of mind.

Jack isn't any happier than Cam with this situation, he's still mad but more than that, Cam has been pretty much the only person to ever get under his skin and he isn't sure being around each other is all that wise. But Cam is the key witness in Jack's investigation and he isn't about to let anything happen to her.

Something About You is the latest offering from Julie James and it starts off quite nicely, I was giggling and laughing during the first third of the book, loving the dialogue and Cam's gay best friend Collin (great characterization by the way! Collin is very manly, very confident, not in the least effeminate, witty and fun. Definitely not a bad, cartoonish stereotype! Loved Him). But then the story sort of begins to drag... I could spot the plot twist a mile away, and I found myself speed reading through some places because I just wanted something to happen.

Again, it has nice characters - like Collin and Jack's partner Wilkins - but some others, like Cam's other best friend Amy, seem a little to convenient (situations revolving around Amy and her wedding usually just serve to further the relationship between Jack and Cam) and I couldn't like her.

Over all, the book is enjoyable yes, but I had no problem putting it down after the first third of the book because nothing much was going on.

starstarstar 1/2

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