October 16, 2009

Waiting for Halloween

Trick or TreatHello everyone!!!
Just another quick note from me.
So, since Halloween happens to be one of my favorite seasons of the year, I decided to temporarily change my background to commemorate it. This one is also courtesy of The Cutest Blog on the Blog (which my friend Lauren and her friend Leslie helped to pick!)

Once the season is over, we'll have something else - likely the old/new one, but could change too, I haven't decided yet! the lovely thing about these backgrounds is that I can change them as much as I like without the hassle of having to re-arrange all the sidebars and add ons.

Also, the siggy changed! *grins* I'm digging it!


PS. Happy Birthday Lauren!!!!!!

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  1. you've got a really cute layout! :D

    Ooh, that hat reminds me of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter...


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