April 15, 2009

Book Gossip (#7)

Book Gossip #7

Cover time again. Found the cover for The Van Alen Legacy at Melissa de la Cruz's site and by the looks of it I think Schuyler, Jack, Mimi & Co. will be heading off to Paris.

Van Alen

I have to say that I like the cover job they are doing with these books, all the covers are different but they all fit together nicely.

Blue BloodsMasqueradeRevelationsVan Alen lil

Still no official Pub date for The Van Alen Legacy thought Amazon is dating it for October 6, 2009



  1. Mann I better start reading faster, I haven't even read the third one and the fourth one is coming out so soon,lol.

    Anyways thanks for the cover peek.

  2. I love this series and I can't wait for it to come out!!! What did you think of them?

  3. Well, I kind of like the series, but sometimes I get peeved at the characters. And at first it was a bit of a shocks since I was brought up catholic but after the first book I got over it. I really wanna see what's going to hapeen in this book.


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