March 27, 2009

Heaven, Texas by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Gracie Snow thinks working for Windmill productions it's her ticket out of her boring life but her world gets turned upside down when her first assignment as a production assistant is to fetch former NFL star Bobby Tom Denton from his house in Chicago where he has holed up and is not answering calls from Gracie's new boss.

Bobby Tom is a football star - he played for the Chicago Stars in It Had To Be You - forced to retire too soon after a bad knee injury and now is at lost at what do to with his life, he has money and women and for a while he thought making a movie would be exciting but now he's stalling about that particular thing. He did plan on showing up at Telarosa, Texas - his home town previously known as Heaven - for filming he just isn't sure when and he certainly isn't going to be 'escorted' by Gracie Snow.

But then, he can't shake Gracie and they end up going together to Telarosa where Gracie ends up working as Bobby Tom's personal assistant and his sham fiancée along the way.

Again, good characters, decent plot but it didn't finish charming me. I did like it better than It Had To Be You but only a little bit. At times I grew annoyed with Bobby Tom and at times with Gracie but over all it was good.




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