April 20, 2008

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

Pretty Little Liars
In Rosewood, Pennsylvania the most ugly secrets hide behind the most beautiful faces.

That's the premise of Sara Sheppard's Pretty Little Liars (Book 1 of the series, followed by Flawless, Perfect and Unbelievable, soon to be released).

Once there were five best friends: Ali, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer until one day one of them, Ali, vanished taking with her all their secrets, even the ones they didn't tell to each other. Ali was the glue that bound them together; and once Ali was gone, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer drifted a part, each mourning Ali and feeling relieved at the same time.

But the secrets of the past rarely stay there, and now their secrets have come back to haunt them. Secrets only Ali knew and which could destroy their carefully constructed lives.

It all starts with a note, maybe an email or text message... and it goes down hill from there: Spencer covets her sister's new boyfriend and it might not be the first time; Hanna is sick but no one can see beyond her beautiful, perfect image; Emily isn't sure of what she wants or who she wants; and Aria's secret could destroy her family to pieces.

Someone, the mysterious A, knows these secrets and many more... and she's telling.

Welcome to the world of the Pretty Little Liars, once in you won't be able to leave.

This book is carefully constructed and well thought out, it's engaging and intriguing. I couldn't put it down. It sets the series beautifully without leaving you feeling like it was just a set up.

Highly recommend.



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